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Once I receive notification of your payment I will send you an email containing a link and a password.

Please note that occasionally it might take a day or two until I get the chance to reply (even artists like me have to eat and sleep - or are out of town for a day or two).

The link in this email will lead to a password-protected zip-File containing your comic. Please make sure that you are able to unzip zip-Files. To unzip that file you need the password you received with my email.

The comics will be Acrobat PDF-Files (size: up to 80 MB). Make sure that Acrobat Reader is installed on your system to view the comics.

You can download the Acrobat Reader (freeware!) here.

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1. Go to PayPal and log into your account.

2. Click "Send Money"

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4. The amount is $ 15 for each episode of "The Epic" or $ 8 for Specials (Short Stories)

5. The currency is "US Dollars"

6. Category of purchase is: "Goods"

7. Please make sure to type which version of the comic you would like to get (German or English, Episode 1, 2, 3 or 4 of "The Epic" or Short Story 1)! Make sure to enter a valid mail address as well.

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9. On the next page check if everything is ok and then click "Send Money"

10. That's about it.